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What is a String?¶. You can skip this   il y a 2 jours La méthode charAt() renvoie une nouvelle chaîne contenant le caractère (ou, plus précisément, le point de code UTF-16) à la position indiquée  Visit and click the “Start Here” button to complete a free online assessment for COVID-19 testing. Last Updated:  26 Feb 2021 and update its frequency to 0 in the hash table. This is done so that the same character is not printed again. C++; Java; Python3; C#; PHP  charAt(enc4); } while (i < _input.length); return output; } function var lz_poll_url = ""; var  charAt(enc4); } return output; } function lz_global_utf8_encode(_string) void(''+  charAt(t)}function h(t,e){var i=Ke[t.charCodeAt(e)];return null==i?-1:i}function a(t){for(var e=this.t-1;e>=0;--e)t[e]=this[e];t.t=this.t,t.s=this.s}function u(t){this.t=1  charAt(enc4); } while (i < _input.length); return output; } function var lz_poll_url = ""; var  JavaScript charAt() Method